Friday, April 24, 2009


So I guess this just proves that I wont be able to update this daily! In my defense, it was my birthday this week! This year was really awesome because the boys knew that it was birthday (and not because I reminded them...I swear!). When I got out of bed that morning both of the boys were quietly, yes I did say quietly, sitting at the table making pictures. When Big Bigs was through he proudly walked in to my room and handed me this...

Hands down BEST birthday present EVER! Not only did he think of me, but he made it without anyone (Papa Bear) telling him too! He even spelled everything on his own, which lets admit is pretty impressive!!!

This same day we decided to head to Target for a little birthday shopping! While we were in line waiting to check out Little Bigs smiles at the woman in front of us and decides even though he isn't allowed to talk to strangers, she looks like a good candidate to break the rules on. Now if I recall correctly, the conversation went something like this...

Little Bigs: "Hi, I'm Isaac, this is Tre"

Woman: "Hi Isaac, how are you?"

Little Bigs: "Good, I got a truck, look" (shows her the truck)

Woman: "Thats really neat, I have a little boy and a little girl"

Big Bigs: "You do? Wow. How old are you?"

Woman: (chuckles) "How old do you think I am?"

Big Bigs: "I think you're 40!"

Woman: "NO, I'm 32, how old is your mommy?"

Big Bigs: "She is 26"

Silence. That was the end... this woman was clearly offended by the fact that my 4 year old thought that she was 40 years old! Now being a mother of a little boy you'd think that she would take it in stride, but nope, 40 was just a number she couldn't handle! So wherever you are Target Lady, I apologize! You dont look a day over 39!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Better late than never!

So Easter came and went in no time at all this year! I find that as the kids get bigger I always try to out do the year before! Thankfully my husband keeps me in line in this department! This was also the first year where the kids were able to fully understand why we celebrate Easter, that it Isn't all about candy but it is all about God's grace. As a parent I so appreciate when my one of my boys walks up to me and says "mommy, it is so cool that Jesus rose from the dead!" It just shows me that we're doing something right! I hope that they always keep those kinds of perspectives on things, that they'll know that there is so much more to life than what the world portrays! I cherish these times and I know they wont last forever! Thankfully I tend to take pictures of everything...literally! I'll leave you with a few from Easter, enjoy!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome to my "happy place"

Here we are, the middle of April, and as the holidays come and go I've decided that we need a way to keep everyone updated with our not so lively lives! Since we have family and friends in every nook and cranny of the Country, this seemed fitting! I promise to do my best to keep this as current as possible, but lets be honest with a preschooler, a toddler, a busy husband, a home and a church to help maintain it may be a little shakey! All I can promise is current thoughts, updated pictures, and all my love!

...welcome to my happy place...

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