Saturday, August 15, 2009

Super Mom?

Isn't it so strange how everything changes when your a mom? You could be the most reserved, timid, scared of everything person in the world and once you have a child you immediately turn into super mom! For example, after having my boys, I no longer "think" when an event takes place! I immediately go into action! For example, when my 4 (almost 5 :D) year old falls and splits open his head...I don't stop and panic, I quickly apply pressure to head right to the ER (then completely melt down once the stitches are in)! When my 3 year old shoves a toy waaaay up into his nose, and my husband has a heart attack, I stay cool, forcing him to blow it out as I block one nostril. And of course in situations like last night when after putting a pizza in the toaster oven, I realized that there was in fact a fire in my toaster oven, I didn't freak out, I put it out (and then freaked out)!!!

It's actually kind of neat how God gives us this bold spirit! Hopefully these aren't regular occurrences in my journey as a mom, but I least I know I can handle the small stuff!

And the occasional fat lip...

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