Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big Changes

Its been forever since my last post, so here goes! Big things are happening in our family, we recently started our very first year of homeschooling (which I am loving and so are the boys), we found out that we ARE able to put an addition on my parents house, so we'll be moving sometime before the holidays and my sweet sister in law found out she's expecting!!! All super exciting things, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us!

There are also some things that are hanging in the balance, waiting for God's hand to work them out. I'll try to make a the short version... eleven months ago my sister in law (not the one that's expecting :) ) gave birth to the sweetest little boy ever. Unfortunately for him and our family, mom made some very unhealthy choices while little one was in utero and he was born very sick. Due to these choices he is currently in the custody of our (not so) great state. My husband and I have struggled greatly in this and his family has endured a lot of heartache. This week is one of many court dates that we've waited through. The difference this time around is we are hoping that the state will be looking to place this little one for long term, or even seek termination of moms rights. Papa Bear and I are more than ready to open our hearts and home to this little one (again {long story}) but know that it can only happen if it is Gods will. That's where it gets difficult, naturally I want to call anyone who will listen and demand that he be placed with us right now, but we've learned the hard way that choosing not to listen to God has some consequences. So right now I have peace, peace in knowing that whatever the outcome may be this week, it's in His hands, not mine. Big changes....

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