Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ok God! You got my attention!

As a woman I often struggle with the difference between God's will and my own emotion! This past week has been a tough one, I thought for sure that doors would open, and that other's would close. Yesterday God got my attention in a way that I never expected and I now know that for my husband and I, it is not God's will for us to continue to worry and be anxious and try to intervene where we are not meant to. My nephew is still in the system, he will celebrate his first birthday away from his mama. This breaks my heart and somehow gives me peace. I've learned that my place is no longer on the front lines trying to live my sister in laws life, but rather on my knees. All I can do now is step back, thank God for my sweet boys, and ask the Lord to give her just enough grace for today...tomorrow has troubles all its own, but if she can do the right thing today, then she's one day closer to that baby! You got my attention Lord...

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